Витяг з Положень про змагання ВАК

2a) Any person may be a competitor during a competition, if he:

2a1) accepts the WCA regulations;

2a3) is not suspended by WCA Board.

2b) Competitors younger than 18 must first ask their parent(s)/guardian(s) for permission.

2e) Competitors must be able to show a passport/id-card during registration at the location to prove their identity.

2f) Competitors must obey venue regulations and conduct themselves in a manner considerate of others at all times during the competition and while at the competition venue.

2g) Competitors must remain quiet when inside the designated competition area. Talking is permitted, but must be kept at a reasonable level, and away from those competing.

2h) Competitors must be fully dressed. Competitors may dress in jeans, pants, shorts, slacks, skirts, foot-wear, T-shirts or dress shirts. Hats may be worn. Clothes must not display vulgar language or have inappropriate pictures.

2i) While competing, competitors must not use sound equipment, other electronic equipment (like walkmans, dictaphones or additional lighting).

2t) Before the competition all competitors should make themselves familiar with the WCA regulations.


Registration is on-site, but to facilitate the organizational process, you may do pre-registration on WCA site.

If you already took part in official competitions, you can search available form that uses information from the database participants. Otherwise fill the pre-registration form by clicking the "I am new!".

Please note that the purpose of pre-registration is not only reserving your place in the competition, but the organizers of the previous number of expected participants, which is very important organizational factor. Please do not wait until the last minute to sign up, because then the organizers will not be able to adequately assess the quantitative extent of competition (for example, places in hotels, food, printing materials, etc.).