Hospitably invite all residents and city guests 27th of January 2013 to visit our 100th anniversary meeting of speedcubers in Kyiv!

5th April 2009 a few activists from ukrainian speedcubers' forum decided to arrange first meeting of Rubik's cube lovers, and thereby initiated a tradition every second Sunday meet at a assigned place to discuss speedcubing news, solving techniques, to communicate on free themes and have fun.

Over  time  we  have  grown  and  as  of  January  2013  Ukraine  has  already  held  five  official  competition, two of which - a national championships, about a dozen unofficial competitions and infinitely number meetings in different corners of Ukraine.

Anniversary meeting will take place in Children's Club "Magic Candle", which is situated by address:
Kyiv, 01001, 18 Mala Zhytomyrska street (map) (entrance from the courtyard).
To get into the yard, go through the arc from the Mykhailivskyi lane and turn left.

Meeting will begin at 11:00. Official part will begin approximately at 13:00.

Under official part is meant two rounds of sole and unique event - Rubik's Cube speedsolving with full observance of WCA Regulations.


Extract from WCA Regulations:

  • 2a) Any person may compete in a WCA competition if he complies with WCA Regulations;
  • 2e) Competitors must represent a country of which they hold citizenship. The WCA Delegate should verify citizenship standing by means of documents (e.g. a passport). If a competitor is found ineligible to represent the country under which they have registered, the competitor may be disqualified retroactively and/or suspended, at the discretion of the WCA Board.
  • 2f) Competitors must obey venue rules and conduct themselves in a considerate manner.
  • 2g) Competitors must remain quiet when inside the designated competition area. Talking is permitted, but must be kept at a reasonable level, and away from competitors who are actively competing.
  • 2h) Competitors must be fully dressed while in the competition venue. At the discretion of the Delegate, competitors may be disqualified from the competition for inappropriate clothing.
  • 2i) While competing, competitors must not use electronics or audio equipment (e.g. cell phones, MP3 players, dictaphones, additional lighting).
  • 2t) Each competitor must be familiar with and understand the WCA Regulations before the competition.


Registration of competitors occurs on-site, but for easing organization process better to pass preliminary registration on a WCA web-site.

If you already have participated in an official competition, you can use the search function which will fill the information stored in the database. In other case fill the preliminary registration form by pressing “I am new!”. All information must be filled using Roman letters. If you have problems with writing your name with Roman letters, very carefully read Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 27th January 2010 #55 about transliteration of ukrainian alphabet by Roman letters.

Please note that the purpose of preliminary registration - is to adequately estimate quantitative extent of competition, so do not wait until last minute to register.

How to get

  • By metro: blue metro line to station “Maidan Nezalezhnosti“, then 10 minutes on foot;
  • From central bus station on a Moscow square: by metro from station “Demiivska” to station “Maidan Nezalezhnosti“, then 10 minutes on foot;
  • From railway station Kyiv-Pasazhyrskyi: by metro from station “Vokzalna” with interchange from station “Khreshchatyk” to “Maidan Nezalezhnosti”, then 10 minutes on foot;
  • Also you can use city taxi services.
Metro route map


Oleksandr Borysenko,
chief organizer
+380 99 139 61 44

ICQ: 219 796 212
skype: asaimen

Roman Ostapenko,
WCA Delegate
+380 97 988 89 00

ICQ: 296 740 538
skype: wcaroman


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Designed by Roman Ostapenko